DSC6226 - COCK BOX QT 36
Cock Box
February 16, 2023



COCK BOX Quantity 36

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The cock box is a rotomolded, stackable, pheasant crate built for durability and simplicity. We have designed this box for ease of use in the field and also for sanitary practices fighting H5N1 (Avian Influenza). Although there are boxes on the market that are plastic and can be sanitized we built ours to make sure your birds get transported to point A to point B efficiently an safely with proper venting on front, back, both sides, and a 3/4inch gap on the top for proper air flow on those hot days. Our gravity door system allows one way access and is extremely easy to get birds in out for fast deliver.  We used wood crates for years and they all have problems. Wood is not sanitary and usually have a ton of snags in clothing and hands. The cock boxes are 24″x24″x9″ and are built to stack in the bed of a truck or trailer with ease. The box has built in handles that make it easy to lift and is not too big that the handler will not get trained day to day lifting heavy boxes. The boxes weight just under 10lbs each and can transport 8 cock pheasants, 10 hen pheasants, 12-14 chukar or pigeon, and over 20 quail. This can be a great addition to dog training or just a better business decision trying to prevent H5N1. Let’s stop the fight of Avian Influenza one cock box at a time. Get smart. Get Sanitized. Made right here in the USA.DSC6212 1024x678 - COCK BOX QT 36

Weight 360 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 94 in


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